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The Lux Collection

Here, you will find all our luxurious pieces. All items from the 'Lux Collection' are crafted from 925s and Gold Vermeil. Perfect for gifting, as all our Luxury pieces are available with a KD Pouch & KD Giftbox. 


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The Adonia Bracelet OpalescentThe Adonia Bracelet Opalescent
The Adonia Bracelet Opalescent Alennushinta£38.00 GBP
The Adonia Bracelet Raven BlackThe Adonia Bracelet Raven Black
The Adonia Bracelet Raven Black Alennushinta£38.00 GBP
The Laura EarringsThe Laura Earrings
The Laura Earrings Alennushinta£19.00 GBP
The Claudia HoopsThe Claudia Hoops
The Claudia Hoops Alennushinta£19.00 GBP
The Amara HoopsThe Amara Hoops
The Amara Hoops Alennushinta£19.00 GBP
Hamsa 🪬 Huggie HoopsHamsa 🪬 Huggie Hoops
Hamsa 🪬 Huggie Hoops Alennushinta£19.00 GBP
The Aurra BraceletThe Aurra Bracelet
The Aurra Bracelet Alennushinta£25.00 GBP
The Celina BraceletThe Celina Bracelet
The Celina Bracelet Alennushinta£23.00 GBP
The Pieńńa BraceletThe Pieńńa Bracelet
The Pieńńa Bracelet Alennushinta£23.00 GBP
The Lola NecklaceThe Lola Necklace
The Lola Necklace Alennushinta£23.00 GBP
The Karina NecklaceThe Karina Necklace
The Karina Necklace Alennushinta£23.00 GBP
The Anuket BraceletThe Anuket Bracelet
The Anuket Bracelet Alennushinta£30.00 GBP
Chain Extenders
Chain Extenders Alennushinta£3.00 GBP
The Dotty BraceletThe Dotty Bracelet
The Dotty Bracelet Alennushinta£25.00 GBP