September 6 2021

Roman Numeral Jewellery.


Hello! And welcome to our first K D Jewellery blog. We are a small jewellery store that offers luxury roman numeral jewellery. We have been inspired by luxury brands like Cartier and Tiffany. We hope one day we can be just as successful as these brands. Roman numeral jewellery goes all the way back to thousands of years ago, and believe it or not many romans saw jewellery as tacky!! But fast forward 2000 years and here we are. In our modern age, we wear jewellery for all types of reasons. Reasons include status of wealth. Which is wear the mega brands come in. Why do we spend so much on jewellery? The reason is because it makes us feel some kind of way, whether that's wealthy, glam, or just to add a touch of sparkle to our skin. What ever your reasons for wearing jewellery, it has to be said that jewellery is a huge business in our economy. It generated £6 billion this year alone, when only in 2018 it generated £5.7 billion. Its growing and its only going to get bigger. Especially the world we live in now where we are becoming a very materialistic era.

Roman Numeral jewellery is especially popular, because its simplistic and sometimes masculine. It is also unisex! More and more males are now wearing jewellery as its becoming m=even more trendier, which explains the jewellery industries growth every year.

"Discover The World Of Bangles"
- K D

Written by K D JEWELLERY


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